The Health Benefits Of A Good Marriage


Love and support goes a long way to keep a marriage strong, but did you know that a healthy marriage means better physical and mental health for both you and your spouse? It's true! If you ever doubted the benefits of a healthy marriage, read on to see just how you can benefit from one. Physical Health A research study noted married couples, especially men, generally live a healthier lifestyle and live longer than singles.

7 October 2015

3 Speech Therapy Myths Debunked


If your child is showing signs of speech-language development issues, you've likely discussed speech therapy with their pediatrician. If you're considering speech therapy for your child but are unsure of what it's all about, it's important to understand the common myths associated with it and the truths behind them. Myth #1: The More Frequent the Therapy, the Better Speech therapy is a speech-language development tool that is used to fit the needs of each individual child.

27 August 2015