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Bad habits are so hard to break. I was a smoker for about 30 years and couldn't seem to break the habit no matter what I tried. Every now and then, I was able to quite for a few weeks, but then, when I started smoking again, I smoked far more than I did before I quit. It wasn't until I accepted the fact that my smoking was a real problem and reached out for professional help with quitting. I started going to counseling and learned a lot about my bad habits and why it was so hard for me to give them up. This blog is all about counseling to break bad habits.

3 Tips For New Moms Coping With Depression


Becoming a new mom can be a joyful experience, but it can also be difficult emotionally. Your hormones are changing rapidly after you give birth, you may be sleep-deprived, and the change to your lifestyle can also be overwhelming. For all of these reasons, new moms can be prone to serious depression, with as much as 20 percent of new moms experiencing postpartum depression. Here are three tips for coping with depression as a new mom:

Know the Signs of Depression for New Moms

The signs of depression in new moms are often similar to symptoms of depression for other groups of people. You may be irritable, prone to crying spells, or feel completely overwhelmed. You may have trouble sleeping or eating, or instead, feel like you need to sleep all the time. Another major symptom of depression is not feeling joy even when doing things that would normally bring you feelings of great happiness.

For new moms, an additional sign of depression can be a lack of feeling bonded to their baby. You may feel more cold or detached about your baby than you were expecting to feel.

Talk to Your Doctor

If you are experiencing symptoms of depression, it's important to see your doctor as soon as possible before things get worse. They will help by validating that what you are experiencing is in fact depression. They will also run blood tests to rule out any medical causes of your depression and address anything that comes up on your bloodwork.

In addition, your doctor may suggest a prescription for anti-depressants. They can help guide you toward a prescription option that is safe for new moms, which is especially important if you are breastfeeding.

Consider Talk Therapy

Another important form of depression treatment is talk therapy. This involves meeting on a regular basis with a licensed counselor who will help you process your complicated emotions about motherhood. They will also help you identify any underlying unhealthy patterns that need to be addressed.

If you are struggling to communicate your needs as a new mom effectively with your partner or others, your counselor will also help you by suggesting more effective communication strategies. Your counselor will be a great source of support during this difficult time.

While many new moms experience depression, you should not suffer in silence. Follow the tips in this article and meet with your doctor to create a treatment plan and find relief quickly.


26 September 2022