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Bad habits are so hard to break. I was a smoker for about 30 years and couldn't seem to break the habit no matter what I tried. Every now and then, I was able to quite for a few weeks, but then, when I started smoking again, I smoked far more than I did before I quit. It wasn't until I accepted the fact that my smoking was a real problem and reached out for professional help with quitting. I started going to counseling and learned a lot about my bad habits and why it was so hard for me to give them up. This blog is all about counseling to break bad habits.

Have Your Teen's Grades Started Dropping Since They Started High School? 4 Benefits Of Arranging For ADHD Treatment Services


The teen years are a time when many people with ADHD begin to show new symptoms. Your child might also have somehow made it this far without their difficulty with paying attention in class causing any problems. The rigorous academic programs that high schools offer often reveal areas where you might need to change your child's treatment or get a diagnosis. Seeking ADHD treatment services now provides your teen with these benefits for their education.

Check for Other Underlying Conditions

Older children can sometimes begin to develop symptoms of other conditions that change how ADHD impacts their lives. For instance, depression and anxiety can both interfere with your teen's ability to stay focused on a lesson. ADHD counselors are trained to check for underlying conditions that could cause similar symptoms or increase the ones that your teen is already familiar with. Treating coexisting conditions often has a positive impact on the severity of ADHD symptoms.

Identify New Challenges

Starting high school comes with many new situations that could be increasing your child's ADHD struggles. Most high schoolers have multiple classes that are taught by different teachers. Trying to keep up with different expectations, assignments and due dates can be overwhelming for teens. Treatment for your child's ADHD can include counseling that helps to reveal which challenges your teen is facing. Working with a counselor who knows how to ask targeted questions can help you get answers about why your child is struggling in school.

Help Them Find Coping Strategies 

The most effective ADHD treatment plans include multiple ways to address your teen's symptoms. Some teens use medications that are prescribed by a member of their treatment team. Self-help strategies can also be used in addition to medication or alone. Your teen can work with their counselor to identify treatment options that help them work through the new changes in their academic routine. For instance, they might need to use an organizing system to keep track of their assignments. They can also find ways to take breaks or incorporate sensory experiences into their lessons that help them retain new information.

Find Out How You Can Help

Watching your child struggle academically can feel frustrating, but you are not alone with this challenge. Seeking treatment for your teen's ADHD also helps you learn ways to help them manage their symptoms. Together, you can work with your teen's treatment team to find ideas that you can use at home. Giving your child a defined study space or helping them be more physically active are examples of ideas that your child's counselor might offer. Getting professional support for your teen gives you a sense of empowerment that drives improvement in your child's academic development.


30 October 2020