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Bad habits are so hard to break. I was a smoker for about 30 years and couldn't seem to break the habit no matter what I tried. Every now and then, I was able to quite for a few weeks, but then, when I started smoking again, I smoked far more than I did before I quit. It wasn't until I accepted the fact that my smoking was a real problem and reached out for professional help with quitting. I started going to counseling and learned a lot about my bad habits and why it was so hard for me to give them up. This blog is all about counseling to break bad habits.

How To Treat Fibromyalgia


Fibromyalgia is an extremely painful condition that can be debilitating and keep you from everyday activities. There are a variety of medical and home treatments available. Consider trying some of the following fibromyalgia treatment remedies.

Try Aromatherapy

Fibromyalgia is not a condition you can cure, but there are different ways to reduce the severity of your pain. One way is by naturally reducing your discomfort with essential oils. This is done through aromatherapy, where inhaling the oils can help reduce your pain and help you relax. Aromatherapy will also improve your sleep, which is one of the big challenges to having fibromyalgia. If you are someone that is sensitive to strong smells, it is best to start slow with just a few drops of a mild scent like lavender. Look up what different scents can provide you when you get more involved in aromatherapy.

Take Medications

Managing your pain from fibromyalgia often includes taking medications. This may be over-the-counter pain relievers, prescription-strength pain relievers, or a combination of both. It is important to only take the medications as directed. Fibromyalgia can sometimes cause severe pain, but you should still not take more than the recommended dosage. Let your doctor know if you think you need something a little stronger for the pain rather than taking a higher dosage on your own. Some anti-seizure medications may also be prescribed to reduce your symptoms.

Participate in Yoga

Another natural way to relieve your pain is to try yoga. This can help you to find relief throughout your entire body through practiced stretches. Yoga can reduce emotional and physical stress through careful breathing exercises, improve your mobility, and reduce inflammation to give you more pain relief. You can also improve your circulation and reduce the severity of your systems by continuing to go to yoga classes. If you attend a local yoga class, inform the teacher of your condition and they will guide you through some alternative stretches that help your condition specifically. Do not do any poses that are causing you more discomfort.

Go to Counseling

While this doesn't treat the physical effects of fibromyalgia, it can help you handle the emotional toll this condition often takes on you. Like all forms of chronic pain, sufferers of fibromyalgia often have difficulty with the day-to-day. You struggle to work, take care of your family, and enjoy time with friends all while dealing with pain throughout your entire body. If you are having difficulty handling it, consider seeing a counselor or therapist. Contact a business, such as Comprehensive Behavioral Health Associates Inc, for more information.   


7 March 2016